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From design to implementation, Mackay Solar Installer is the best solar panel installer Mackay has to offer. Clean energy council accredited, we offer a variety of solar energy products and services to both residents and businesses who are looking to make the switch and go solar. As one of Mackay’s leading solar panel providers, we’re committed to helping others embrace the many benefits of relying on a sustainable, renewable source for energy production.

The installation of solar panels in Mackay is becoming more and more popular. In fact, studies show that over 2 million homes across the country now utilize some form of solar power. One of the main reasons for the increase in solar use is that the cost of purchasing and installing solar panels has significantly decreased over the last several years. Combine this fact with the rapid rise in energy costs, and it’s easy to see why so many home and business owners are turning to solar power alternatives.


The range of services offered by Mackay Solar Installer extends from solar panel supply, to design, installation, servicing and after-sales support. Once you’ve got your solar power system in Mackay set up, we offer ongoing cleaning and maintenance on all existing solar energy systems. Servicing the entire greater metropolitan area of Mackay, we offer comprehensive solar systems tailored to meet the specific needs of each property.

With the growing electricity prices in Mackay, it makes sense to move to a cost-effective power resource that also benefits the environment. Whether you’re looking to make the switch for your commercial or residential site in Mackay, Mackay Solar Installer are here to help. Don’t be tempted by dirt-cheap, low-quality solar services; work with a solar company that you can trust. Australian owned and operated, Mackay Solar Installer is committed to providing high-quality solar power Mackay services to our loyal Mackay customers.

If you’re considering purchasing solar panels in Mackay, our team at Mackay Solar Installer can provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation. Our Mackay solar panel experts can help you determine if solar technology is right for you.


Here at Mackay Solar Installer, we believe we’re offering the best solar panels in Mackay. A CEC Approved Solar Design and Installation; we only operate with high-quality materials and qualified solar technicians who are capable of taking on any system size; whether it be commercial solar panels Mackay or within a residential site. Our team of solar panel installers are all members of the Clean Energy Council and are committed to quality workmanship delivery on every solar job.

As one of the Australian owned and run solar installers and suppliers in Mackay, we understand the importance of working with a company that you can trust for solar systems. We endeavor to provide exceptional solar panel services in Mackay that take advantage of land orientation, reduce the reliance on power generation and will last for years to come. What’s more, we’re a Solar Retailer that’s honest, transparent and will openly discuss the costs with you from the very start.

Solar power has the ability to change the way you live in Mackay. Not only will switching to solar panels reduce your reliance on power and save money on electricity bills but installing solar PV on your Mackay property will also be a huge step in reducing your carbon footprint. Furthermore, working with the best of the best at Mackay Solar Installer means that you’ll have access to the highest quality solar panels Mackay’s market has to offer.


In basic terms, solar panels collect power from the sun’s rays and convert it into usable energy for your home or business. Photovoltaic (PV) panels are typically installed on the roof of a home or business, but they can also be placed on the roof of a shed or other designated mounting location. When you choose to go solar, the panels are specifically positioned to collect the most rays from the sun as possible.

The solar panels initially generate direct current (DC) power. This DC power is then converted into alternating current (AC) power, which is ideal for home and business use. Any excess energy collected is sent to the grid and credited to your account. Most homes with solar panel systems are still connected to the electrical grid and are set up to automatically use this backup energy source as necessary. Even so, property owners can realize significant cost savings on their monthly energy bills.

Mackay Solar Installer - Solar Energy Flow Chart
Mackay Solar Installer - Trim deck Rooftop Solar Installation


Want to find out about the best Solar Power solution for your home or office? Organize your COMPLETELY FREE solar power consultation with the Mackay Solar Installer.


As the benefits of relying on a clean source of renewable energy become more understood, more people are making the move to solar power than ever before. Electricity consumers in Mackay have experienced substantial increases in electricity bills in the last few years – and electricity prices are only going to get more expensive with time. Becoming independent or reducing the reliance on public electricity mains means that not only will you save money on growing electricity bills, but you’ll be enhancing your property for the future.

Solar energy is a clean, sustainable power generation source that relies purely on sunlight. Rather than burning harmful fossil fuels, solar power relies on a clean resource that does not produce any emissions. Taking steps to move away from traditional greenhouse gas-emitting sources means paving the way for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

With ample year-round sunshine, Mackay is the ideal location for solar energy and solar panel installation for both commercial and residential properties. Wherever you’re located in Mackay and Whitsundays, we’ll custom-design and tailor a solar power system to take advantage of the sunlight available, whether it be facing north or otherwise. Part of the clean energy council, Mackay Solar Installer`s are paving the way for a cleaner future with our small scale 3-5kw solar systems, to our 30kw commercial solar systems.

We’re passionate about helping others to embrace the benefits of moving to solar energy in Mackay; whether it be reducing their power bills, taking advantage of sustainable resources or doing their bit for the environment. If you have any questions about how much money you can save with solar PV and Mackay Solar Installer, contact us today – we’re always more than happy to answer any enquiries about clean energy. Leave your number or email address on the contact form for us to give you a call back!


There are several great benefits of installing solar panels in Mackay.

Cost Savings: Depending on the type of solar panels installed, your specific location and the amount of energy your family uses on a daily basis, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per year in energy costs.

Great ROI: Solar panels can provide a great return on your investment. You should have no trouble recovering the initial solar panels cost in Mackay over the lifetime of your solar system.

Solar Energy Rebates: Home and business owners that choose solar power may be eligible for solar panels in Mackay rebates under the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

Increased Property Value: Not only can the addition of solar panels to your property serve as an increased incentive to home buyers, but it can increase the overall value of your home. Using the best solar installers in Mackay and keeping your solar panels well maintained can help to maximize your home’s value.

Reduced Carbon Footprint: Solar power is without a doubt better for the environment than using the power grid alone. Taking small steps to minimize your carbon footprint, such as using your appliances during the daytime hours and installing energy-efficient light bulbs, can go a long way in protecting the environment.

Peace of Mind: Unfortunately, many families across the country are worried about ever-increasing electricity rates. Opting for solar energy in Mackay can give you peace of mind knowing that your home or business won’t be affected by these growth rates.


The process begins with a simple over the phone consultation, where we’ll discuss your site, your current electricity expenses, the solar technology you’re looking for and how much power you’d like to generate with your new solar panels in Mackay. We offer a spectrum of solar solutions to suit a wide variety of large and small scale sites.

If your property is a good candidate for solar panels, we’ll get started on designing a customized solar energy system for the site. In order to maximize your energy production with solar, we prioritize creating solar systems that are entirely tailored to the orientation and positioning of your site, and how much power you plan on generating with your new solar energy systems.

Next, we’ll get started with the solar panel installation Mackay process. Operating with the best solar panel installers Mackay has to offer, our qualified technicians will handle everything within the implementation process, from permits to inspections and interconnection. Regardless of your system size, we strive to make this part of the process as seamless as possible.

Finally, you’ll be all set up with your new solar power system from Mackay Solar Installer. You’ll notice the difference in electricity bills savings almost immediately. Once the entire solar panel installation Mackay process is complete, all of our customers receive ongoing after-sale support for all enquiries, maintenance and solar power services. Customer service is at the core of everything that we do, from the initial phone consult to our post-installation support where you can always contact us.

At Mackay Solar Installer, we are committed to prioritizing our solar Sydney customers, ensuring that every need is met with our high-quality solar systems. If you’d like to enquire about a customized Mackay solar system, contact us via phone or email address today. We’re your go-to residential and commercial solar retailer for all solar technology in Mackay.


We carry only top-quality products manufactured by the best solar panel suppliers in Mackay.

Our solar energy experts work directly with property owners to help them determine which solar technology options are right for them.

We will explain your options and solar panels in Mackay prices to help you select the system that best meets your needs and fits your budget. We’re available on 0748669600 and email address via our contact form.


Feed-in tariffs are the amount of money an electric provider pays you for any excess solar energy collected and converted into AC power. All the unused energy your solar panel system collects is tracked and automatically kicked back to the power grid. Feed-in tariff rates vary greatly depending on your location and your chosen electricity provider. Current rates in Mackay area are 6.5c/kwh.

The best way to maximize your feed-in tariff payments is to use most of your electricity during peak sunlight hours. For example, try to use your major appliances, such as your dishwasher and washing machine, during these peak hours. You can also purchase energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs for your home or office.


There are numerous steps involved in the solar power installation for Mackay. The first step is to complete the application for permission to build a PV solar power grid on your property. It typically takes our team between one and two weeks to complete this application process and an additional week for the application to be approved. However, there are some circumstances where approval may take longer.

Once the application has been approved, we order the necessary supplies and set a date to complete the solar system installation in Mackay process. Our CEC-accredited installers can usually complete the installation in one day, but the location and size of the solar panels and weather conditions could require additional days. On average, we can complete a solar panel installation in the Mackay City area within 4 to 8 weeks.


With the increased popularity of solar energy, more and more solar panel companies in Mackay are popping up. Our team at Mackay Solar Installer is happy to be helping home and business owners make the switch to solar power. We have worked hard to build a solid reputation for being the best solar company in Mackay and for providing top-quality services and products with every job we complete.

Mackay Solar Installer is a CEC Accredited Installer. Best of all, we are one of the few 100% Australian owned and operated solar companies in Mackay. Additionally, we offer exceptional customer service. We never treat you like just another customer. Instead, our team works directly with you to ensure you select the solar power system that best meets your specific needs.


Whether you’re ready to go solar in Mackay today or you want more information about how solar power in Mackay can work for your home or business, schedule a free, no-obligation 30 minutes consultation today. Our experts then use these 30 minutes to customize and design a Solar System to suit your lifestyle; choose products that meet your needs and are within your budget; answer any and every Solar question that you may have. At the end of this 30-minute strategy session, we will provide you with a no-obligation offer and estimated performance reports to better understand the benefits of your potential solar system.

Call our office at 0748669600 to schedule your free consultation or to learn more about our solar deals in Mackay. If you’d rather communicate via email, leave your email address on our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions About Solar Panels MACKAY

Will I Still Need Electricity Off the Grid?

There is no simple answer here, sadly. Many factors influence whether you will require more power from the grid to subsidize your solar system. Your household power consumption, the size of the unit you select, and the amount of electricity generated during the day will influence the results. On days where there is not sufficient energy being generated by sunlight, your system will automatically switch to grid power.

Is Solar Worth It, Financially?

Going solar means doing your bit for the environment. But what about your hip pocket? Let’s be real for a minute. Going solar may not make financial sense in the moors of Scotland. In a weather climate defined by cloud cover and persistent rain, it may take a long time to see the value of solar power.

Thankfully, Australia is world-renowned for warm weather and a sunny climate. As a result, solar power makes a lot of sense for Australian’s both environmentally and financially. Once your Mackay Solar Installer system is installed, all energy collection is yours to keep – no fees, no ongoing costs. Over the lifespan of a 25-year system, the savings to your household can be substantial.

Where are The Solar Panels Installed?

Ideally, we will install your Mackay Solar Panels on a North/West facing roof to capture maximum sunlight throughout the day. That being said – that may not always be possible. When we cannot install them on a north/west facing roof, we can install solar panels on your shed, veranda, pergola and other residential areas.

Can You Install Panels on A Flat Roof?

Good question!

Every roof presents its own unique set of challenges – all of which we strive to overcome to deliver the best result. That being said, tilt mounting systems can be connected to adequately slant your solar panels so that they can still collect the maximum energy from the sun.

Logistically, How Do I Use the Energy Collected?

So, now you’ve got free energy complements of the sun (thanks mother nature!) – how do you actually use it?

The simple answer is this: You use it almost the same way you use conventional electricity. The electricity collected through your solar panel system is converted from direct current (DC) to 240V alternating current (AC) through the inverter. Once it has been converted into AC, it is fed back into your house or into the electricity grid.

Will A Solar Panel System Cover All of My Electricity Needs?

Well, that really depends. If you’re charging multiple electric vehicles, it will be very different from a household that uses electricity sparingly. Some of the factors that will influence the aforementioned question include:

  1. The size of your solar system

  2. The direction of your roof

  3. Your household electrical consumption

… Just to name a few!

The Captain Green team can design and install a system that best suits your needs to attain the best result from your system.

Do Solar Systems Work through the Night?

Solar panel systems will only generate electricity when sunlight is present. As a result, no solar panel system can collect electricity through the night. However, during the day the collected electricity is still fed back into the grid to access it when you need it.

What Happens On Cloudy Days?

As you would expect, your solar system will be most effective on sunny days. In summer, the amount of electricity collected through your solar panel system will be significantly higher than in winter. As a general rule of thumb, on cloudy days you can expect around half the output that you would achieve on a sunny day. If the electricity collected on a cloudy day is not enough to cover household requirements, the system will use the power off the grid.

What Happens During a Blackout?

As a safety precaution, your solar panel system will automatically shut down and re-connect once electricity is restored. This is an in-built safety precaution designed to preserve your system while electricians are repairing or working on the line.

Is There A Warranty?


All of our solar panels and inverters are sourced by the world’s leading brands. We don’t cut corners, and we will never install ‘cheap solar panels’ that won’t stand the test of time. All of our panels come with a 25-year performance guarantee that protects your system from water, salt, and pollution corrosion. On top of that, all of our inverters are designed to the highest standards. Each is encased in a weatherproof housing, backed by a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty which can be extended to 10 years for an additional cost.

Can I Add More Panels Down the Line?

Your inverter size will be the biggest determinant when it comes to adding panels down the line. That being said, a number of our systems do provide the flexibility that would allow you to add more panels down the line. Speak to the Captain Green team to learn which system would be the best for your (potentially) growing solar requirements.

How Do I know Which Size is Right for Me?

difficult decision. The size of your system will depend on a few factors, including:

  • The unshaded area available

  • How much you would like to spend

  • Your electricity requirements

To determine what size system will give you the best output to meet your house’s electricity requirements, please contact one of our solar specialists on 0748669600 .